Young generation is ideally suited for a business in network marketing.

According to entrepreneur John Pluck, young people entering the job market have a different approach to their careers than previous generations. His experience has been that their positive and open-minded outlook, along with their familiarity with social media, makes young people ideally suited to succeed in a business model based on social networking.

John says, “The younger generation have a different mindset to those who grew up with the idea that they would be employed by a company and have a job for life.

“In our experience more people are looking to set up their own business and we find the young people in particular have enthusiasm and energy, a will to succeed and an eagerness to be their own boss. The overall combination and an interest in beauty, provides a great recipe for success in our market.”

John and his wife Wendy, who have had successful corporate careers, support a large team of distributors promoting health and wellbeing products through Nu Skin. The company, which was established 31 years ago, is a leader in anti-ageing and wellness research and is one of the world’s top 10 network marketing companies.

They have been growing their Nu Skin business in the UK for over five years and have seen consistent and accelerating growth. The business has no upfront costs and provides a comprehensive training system. John finds that many of his own generation are surprised to hear about how many younger people set up and build their own business in a short period of time.

John continues, “The latest NatWest BFA survey from January 2016 reports that the average franchisee is aged 49 and male but the typical profile for someone working in network marketing is female and around 30 – although I would stress that there’s an opportunity for any age group, if they are open minded and willing to embrace a new enterprise.”

Indeed John and Wendy have found that the opportunity has an appeal for men as well as women.

Dario Leone, 25 from Burnley in Lancashire was looking for a job to help pay for his honeymoon and so created a distributorship with Nu Skin.

Dario says, “It was really easy to get started once I’d had the relevant training and I was mentored every step of the way.

“Six months in, my honeymoon to Mexico is fully paid off and things are going really well! I’ve even introduced my brother to the business”

For Molly Baily from Burnley, who is in her early 20s, it provided an opportunity to combine business and being a new mum whilst exceeding her former income.

“I think as we’re growing up, we’re conditioned to the idea of going to school and university, and then getting a job. If you come across something different people are suspicious. However, setting up my own business has given me time and financial freedom.

“Not only do I have time to spend with my son, but we are able to save up for a house. I’ve always wanted to buy my own home but previously I not had money to save for a deposit. Now I have!”

John Pluck concludes, “Network marketing already contributes £2 billion each year to the UK economy and it’s been consistently growing by more than 10% per year. It’s a sector that continues to prosper and offers a level playing field for any aspiring entrepreneur like Dario and Molly, to put in place security for their family, or even their retirement, knowing that success is in their hands, rather than in the control of others.”