Retro Fitness Helps Members Lose 3,000 lbs.

When Retro Fitness gym members made their New Year’s resolutions this year, they had more incentive than most. Retro Fitness held a 90-Day Challenge—with the grand prize of $10,000 going to the member who lost the most weight. With its recent completion, Retro Fitness saw a number of amazing transformations totaling nearly 3,000 pounds lost by nearly 1,000 members who worked with Retro Fitness trainers to effectively achieve their health and fitness goals.

The 90-Day Challenge itself was simple – Retro Fitness personal training clients had 90 days to transform their bodies and lose unwanted pounds. An initial weigh-in took place in the beginning of the competition, followed by a mid-challenge weigh-in after 45 days and the final weigh-in after the 90 day period. The top 15 participants came away from the 90-Day Challenge with prizes, the second place finisher took home $1,000 and a free 12-month membership and third place received $500 and a free 12-month membership. The member who experienced the greatest percent change in his or her bodyweight won the grand prize of $10,000.

“Throughout the 90-day challenge, we saw outstanding results and numerous amazing transformations,” stated Eric Casaburi, CEO and founder of Retro Fitness, one of the nation’s leading low-cost, high-value fitness franchises. “Their stories are inspiring, and we hope they motivate others to start working out regularly and make health and fitness a top priority.”

Mike Defalco—a member of the Toms River, N.J. Retro Fitness—won the 90-Day Challenge with a body weight drop from 332 to 194 lbs., totaling a 41 percent decrease. Defalco, a former Marine and professional body builder, was trained through the 90 days by Retro Fitness Trainer Tommy Morton. “Mike putting so much trust in me as his personal trainer allowed us to work together to achieve these amazing results,” stated Morton. “Watching Mike make this transformation really showed me, as a personal trainer, what my job is all about. Being a part of his journey is one of the proudest moments of my career.”