Profile by Sanford sheds millions of pounds

Profile by Sanford, a comprehensive weight-management program backed by one of the nation’s largest nonprofit health care providers, has exceeded the weight-loss milestone of 500,000 pounds.

Profile by Sanford now has more than 20,000 active members with 25 locations nationwide while rapidly expanding through a recent franchising initiative.

“The improved health and confidence of our members is No.1 one goal but looking from the outside in, the most important number for a weight-management program is the pounds its members have lost. We are proud to announce our members have shed a half million of those pounds,” said COO Nate Malloy. “It is such a great accomplishment for not just the brand, but for the new and existing members who continue to become healthier every day.”

Designed by a team of physicians and researchers from Sanford Health, Profile by Sanford’s core business is focused around three areas: nutrition, activity and lifestyle. The rapidly-growing system utilizes more than 80 different meal-replacement products and nutritionally complete Profile-produced and grocery store foods, as well as qualified health coaches who develop customized plans for their clients and offer advice on nutrition, exercise and behavior.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, coaches are able to efficiently track members’ progress through the use of smart technology. Each member is equipped with wireless devices to measure improvement, including tools to track body weight, measurement and blood pressure. These devices automatically upload to a secure server, where members and coaches can monitor improvement on the web or mobile applications. Printed options are also available to members.

Profile continues to focus on program advancements through the launch of new food products, including three new pizza varieties. Profile is also on the cutting edge of technology to better assist members with measuring daily activity. Jawbone UP24 activity trackers are integrated with the Profile app to track members’ movement and sleep patterns, allowing for additional measurable data to be gathered.