Moyo keeping the rhythm of Africa alive

With unemployment in South Africa edging towards the 26% mark and the Rand devaluing rapidly, finding affordable ways to support Africa’s musical heritage is becoming increasingly limited. With this in mind, locals and tourists alike can still immerse themselves in the mood and flavour of South African and African culture at any one of the five highly acclaimed Moyo restaurants around the country.

Regular acts include Afro-Jazz marimba band 6Mabone, which explores traditional instruments with an urban slant, creating a sound that reflects the authentic spirit of both past and present African culture. “Moyo has always supported us and has given us so many opportunities over the years,” says band member Lucky Thobela, a Soweto-born musician and father of four. “To find venues that allow us to freely express our interpretation of our heritage is becoming difficult, but we know that we will always be welcome at Moyo.”

Since its first store in Norwood in 2008, Moyo has become a haven for musicians and entertainers to share their talents with the world. As one of the few destination restaurants in the country to embrace its locality, the restaurant franchise offers South African and international guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a truly African experience. Warm hospitality, both classic and urban African fare, and traditional African hand-washing and face painting are offered to patrons as they enjoy the ambient sights and sounds of our continent’s most talented musical artists and dancers.

Another favourite act is that of Mozambican-born fusion musician Choppa, whose smooth resonant voice and distinctive style has been swaying hips since the early 2000s with favourites such as Margarida and Omunye Nomunye. “Over the last twenty years I have seen venues come and go, but Moyo has become an institution where people like me – artists, musicians and dancers – can express ourselves and play our hearts out for an audience that is appreciative and that wants to hear what we have to say,” says Choppa.

Lynette Balie, National Marketing and Sales Support Specialist at Moyo, explains how the group is dedicated to keeping the traditions of Africa alive by providing a beautiful environment for their guests. “Moyo has always been about expressing the vibrancy of African cultures through all the senses – sights, sounds, tastes, scents and sensations,” she says. “Over the years we have done our utmost to keep our cultural heritage alive by presenting it in a way that leaves a lasting impression to our patrons.

“We are constantly on the search for the very best African artists, and we are proud to offer them a musical home away from home,” she continues. “We are committed to supporting musicians, artists, dancers and singers, and to doing all we can to uplift the local performing arts industry as a whole.”

Owned and managed by franchising brand experts Fournews, Moyo is a much-loved venue for locals and tourists alike, offering exquisite food and unsurpassed ambience in unique locations in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.