Green Square urges voters to consider environmental policies

With the general election looming, Green Square, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy franchise is encouraging Britons to consider environmental policies as they flock to the polls on May 7th.

Conservatives plan to spend £3bn improving the environment but are pledging to phase out subsidies for new onshore wind farms.

The Labour party promise to reduce carbon emissions generated during electricity production to zero by 2030.

Lib Dems say they will double renewable electricity by 2010, leading to a zero carbon Britain by 2050. They plan to plant 750,000 trees a year and promote the use of electric cars and public transport.

The green party pledge to phase out the fossil fuel-based energy generation and nuclear power, reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions and invest in renewable energy sources.

Ending the so called “green taxes” in order to cut fuel bills is UKIP’s promise, they also pledge to prioritise support for organic farms.

Richard Hiblen, Director of Green Square commented: “Some of the environmental pledges being made by the main political players are certainly enticing and appear very positive in theory. With more and more homeowners transferring to renewable energy, it’s undoubtedly an increasingly pressing issue for voters. Last year we welcomed the government Renewable Heating Incentive scheme which is certainly a move in the right direction, however with just 25,000 households taking advantage of this so far and only 15% of Britain’s power generated by renewable sources, we still have a long way to go.”