Froots Sells Master Franchise Rights to Guatemala

Froots, a national quick-service franchise focused on healthy food and beverages, announced today the brand’s expansion to Guatemala through a Master Franchise Agreement with Cristina Rozas, Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Alejandro Garcia and Maria Jose Enriquez. The business partners will be responsible for spearheading development of the brand throughout the country, opening a total of five locations over the next five years.

“A large, growing segment of the global population is more health conscious and aware of better eating habits, though have few choices when it comes to eating healthy on the go. Froots caters to this demographic by providing a healthy alternative to traditional fast food fare, and our growth is building as more investors look to enter this space with a proven business model in hand,” said Scott Mortier, EVP of Business Development at Froots. “We have several international locations already in operation that are well loved by their local communities, and I’m confident Guatemalans will enjoy our better-for-you menu options.”

The group’s first Froots location will be in Guatemala City. They learned about the brand when visiting South Florida and thought it would be a perfect addition to the Guatemalan quick-service scene. Froots already has several locations throughout the Caribbean and South America, including stores in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Turks & Caicos.

“We were immediately drawn in by the food that was both delicious and healthy,” Rozas said, adding that she knew Guatemala would be the perfect market for the brand. “Beyond the food and drinks, the new look and feel of the locations is very crisp, clean and refreshing. The company just rolled out a new store design, logo and menu, so we are excited to be one of the first franchisees to debut the new look and menu items.”

Froots seeks master franchise developers to continue developing the brand internationally as well as domestically in the United States, where Froots is eyeing the Southeastern part of the country for aggressive expansion over the next two years with an additional 50 units. Domestically, the fast-growing franchise also seeks multi-unit operators and owner-operators to bring the brand to new markets.