Essex Card Connection Franchisee Opens New Doors

Leading greeting card publisher and franchisor, Card Connection, has announced Sanjay Hindocha, has seen growth of 11% of his franchised business in the past year. Sanjay, who joined Card Connection five years ago, delivers and merchandises the company’s quality greetings cards to more than 175 retailers throughout Essex.

Sanjay Hindocha comments: “The increase in business has been due to a combination of factors. I have been supplying more National accounts such as the forecourt retailers MRH and Rontec which have been set up through Card Connection. However, I’ve picked up new independent stores too. The way we operate on a consignment basis meaning retailers only pay for what they sell, is particularly popular and this has opened new doors while closing them on rival card suppliers.

“Originally I ran a newsagents with my brother for almost 20 years and so, although you don’t need any direct experience of the market to run a Card Connection franchise, I do think my understanding of what retailers and their customers want has been quite helpful. I’ve focused on developing strong relationships with store managers, some of which I’ve known now for five years. They trust me and some have allowed me to increase my card displays from 2 to 3 meters. Our bright pink, modern point-of-sale really attracts consumers and sales follow! In some sites I have seen profits double and that really keeps my retailers happy!

“My focus on Card Connection’s top selling designs has also helped,” confirms Sanjay. “I am also seeing dividends in trying different styles of cards and creating more theatre in my displays. Working for myself is tremendously motivating and I am now seeing the fruits of my labour!”