Brackenfell gets a taste of Domino’s Pizza

Existing franchise holder, Alan Williams, has recently converted the St Elmo’s Pizza in Brackenfell to a Domino’s Pizza store. This will mark the first Domino’s Pizza store in Brackenfell since the brand was licensed to Master Franchisor, Taste Holdings, in April last year.

Williams plans to make a success of his Domino’s Pizza store by entrenching himself and the store in the local community. Being no stranger to the franchise business, he knows that getting involved with the community through schools and businesses as well as by advertising locally is pivotal to him and his team reaching their goals.

On the conversion from St Elmo’s Pizza to a Domino’s Pizza store, Williams says, “Domino’s delivers the best hand tossed pizza in the world, and no one and no brand in South Africa can offer any better. It is the recognised world leader in pizza delivery, and delivers more than 1 million pizzas daily worldwide. The Domino’s Pizza Group is the market leader in 38 markets, including the UK, India, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Turkey and France.”

“We are excited to have converted another one of our existing stores, this time in the suburb of Brackenfell. This conversion forms part of and for being part of Taste Holding’s drive to make Domino’s Pizza the leading Pizza chain in sub-Saharan Africa,” comments Lindy Taoushiani, Divisional Marketing Executive for Taste Holdings.

Williams has been with Taste Holdings since 2010, when he bought his first St Elmo’s Pizza in Knysna. He then converted the St Elmo’s to a Scooters Pizza outlet in 2011. Thereafter, he and his wife, Leonie, won an award and an all expense paid trip to Turkey for best new comers to the Taste Holdings Group and best percentage turnover increase for that year for that store. The Williams’ have since relocated to Cape Town where they bought the St Elmo’s in Brackenfell. Williams comments that the success they have already experienced, will only grow now with the conversion to Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza is differentiated from other pizza brands by three key factors: the brand’s in-store experience, the heightened time awareness that ensures each customer’s order is treated with the utmost importance, as well as the uniqueness of the product itself.

Customers walking through the doors of the newly converted Domino’s Pizza store in Brackenfell can expect to be wowed by an electric in-store experience. The store has a theatre of pizza design, allowing customers to see first-hand how Domino’s Pizza is hand-crafted using fresh dough and the highest quality ingredients.

“Having the backing of a good, strong advertising team, intellectual property and buying power through our partners Taste Holdings has been essential to our growth and success. However, in our experience, Leonie and I have learnt that word of mouth beats any form of advertising and the hallmark to achieving this is being able to deliver quality service and product to your customers,” concludes Williams.